There is no question that Alex truly has a very special way with animals. My dog loved her from the second he met her and watching her with him was really quite magical! She was instantly calming (not just for Freddie but for me also!!)
— Laura & Freddie
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My aim is to teach dog owners to understand, communicate with and teach their dogs how to navigate our human world and I do this with bespoke training programmes that are tailored to the dog’s needs and the dog owner’s lifestyle. 

I offer force free, positive dog training that considers your dog’s breed specific characteristics, his/ her history (for adult and rescue dog training) and your day-to-day routine to create a happy environment for your canine friend and to ensure you are a calm and confident dog owner.

From puppy training to creating behaviour modification programmes, all of my work is founded on modern, science based positive reinforcement methods.

I have been hand-selected by renowned canine behavioural specialist Sarah Whitehead to become a licensed trainer under her Clever Dog Company Method and continue to study under her guidance. I've also attended various practical training courses with The Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers, I’ve undertaken seminars and workshops with a number of distinguished dog trainers and behaviourists including Sarah Fisher, Chirag Patel, Grisha Stewart, Linda P. Case and Dr. Marty Becker and I’ve accomplished Dr. Hare’s 'Dog Emotion and Cognition' Course at Duke University.

P.S.: the inspiration behind our business name is little Miss Wolfgang, my strong willed Jack Russell and Pomeranian mix who knows a thing or two about dog training, naturally. Wolfgang teaches me about the way of the dog every day and I feel honoured to have such a wonderful business partner and best friend in my life.