Whereas my other puppy and dog training programmes involve the owner every step of the way, Trained For You is perfect for those who want a well-behaved and happy hound but can’t find the time to do it themselves.

The puppy programmes include all the essential behaviours and cues, such as:

  • Sit, downleave it, stay, etc.
  • Coming when called
  • No jumping up
  • Crate training (if required)
  • Loose lead walking
  • Attention to name
  • Settle down

... and anything further that would ensure your new friend fits well within your life. In addition to your bespoke training package, I will thoroughly prepare you for:

  • House training your puppy
  • Day-to-day management from how to keep your pup safe at home to choosing the right toys and equipment
  • Dealing with play biting and mouthing

... and much more so you are ready and prepared for all possible scenarios.

For adults dogs, I work on areas including:

  • Teaching a reliable recall/ coming when called 
  • Loose lead walking
  • No jumping up
  • No chasing or begging
  • Teaching new cues and tricks or refining previously learned cues which may have become a little muddled over time. 

Each programme is specifically tailored to your requirements and the amount of sessions needed will be determined during our initial phone call and once I have a detailed understanding of your goals.

For a puppies, I recommend a minimum of five 60-minute sessions to teach the basic behaviours and cues, which, depending on the puppy’s age and learning ability, may be broken up into shorter sessions.  

You will receive a training hand-over at the end of the programme to take you through all the important cues and behaviours and how to maintain these going forward. Depending on the programme, this can take anything from 30 to 60 minutes (and will be assessed and confirmed in advance).

Trained For You session fees:

  • 4 sessions - £280
  • 5 sessions - £350
  • 6 sessions - £420
  • 7 sessions - £490
  • 8 sessions - £560
  • 9 sessions - £630
  • 10 sessions - £700