what our clients say about us...


Carter and Rashi, the Sporkiepoo

“Alex is fantastic. My wife and I were really struggling with our puppy before Alex showed up. The sessions were clear and helped us understand how to train in the future too. Our puppy would get so excited as soon as he saw Alex, eager to learn and he enjoyed it - I think that says it all! Would not hesitate in recommending Wolfgang's Way.”


Angie and Kelso, the French Bulldog

“Alex has been wonderful providing support even before we got Kelso home. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. I am a first time dog owner. I have so many questions and still lack of experience. Alex always makes sure I understand the concept of each training exercise and she would explain the reasons why I need to train Kelso in certain ways. It makes so much sense to me. The positive reinforcement methods make training fun for Kelso and he picks up cues easily. All the things that have been covered in the puppy training are very helpful and practical. It surely helps building my confidence in looking after and bonding with Kelso. I’d highly recommend Wolfgang’s Way Dog Training to any new puppy owner. Thank you Alex for such fun and great learning experience!”


Jess and Missy, the Maltipoo

“Best decision we made when getting a puppy was to do a few training sessions. Alex is a fantastic trainer, really knowledgable and a lovely person. We loved the sessions, especially our pup who has hugely benefitted! Highly recommend.”


Nicole and pip, the jrt&dachshund rescue

“I took home a very cute but VERY cheeky one year old puppy from Battersea Dogs home called Prince Pip! Being a rescue dog, Alex really helped me understand the potential reasons behind Pip’s behaviour - helping me see the world a bit more from his perspective. 
But more importantly I’ve learned tonnes of tricks and tips in order to manage his behaviour effectively in all sorts of integral ways. 
Having now experienced the one-on-one, bespoke training I feel confident in my approach with Pip - and am reaping the rewards as he is coming on with leaps and bounds. The insight and knowledge I’ve gained from Alex has truly helped strengthen my relationship with Pip which is gold!  Alex is a pleasure to work with as she is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, thorough yet engaging in the delivery - but more importantly down earth and super friendly too! I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 
If you are considering her services - Go for it! You will not regret it : )”


Clair, James and Marley, the Shih Tzu cross

“Alex worked with us over the summer with our 3 year old rescue dog. This was a massive challenge, as we do not know about his life prior to his adoption. At the start of the process Marley had no idea about walking on and off a lead, playing with toys, and he was very anxious. Alex has provided us with a toolbox of skills, which have helped us to develop a close bond with Marley, and will continue to do so.  She is an expert in positive discipline for dogs and has also taught us how important the correct diet is for behaviour. Marley can now walk loose lead, has made big progress off the lead, loves his toys and his anxiety has decreased a lot. Alex was not only wonderful with our dog, but with us too! She constantly provided us with reassurance as new dog owners, with a variety of topics such as day-care and pet insurance. She was also very organised with emailing feedback regarding our training sessions. Alex was, and still is at the end of the phone if we need advice. She is a very caring professional and person. We really enjoyed working with her.“ 


Luciano, Darren and Otto, the French Bulldog

“Alex came in to teach us how to educate our Otto since he was behaving like a real teenager lately. The outcome couldn't be better. Alex helped us introduce new commands to Otto and to work together with discipline and lots of fun. She is very professional and motivating. Otto is a much calmer and attentive dog since Alex's classes. Highly recommend!”


Becky, Ewan and Jura, the Romanian rescue

“Alex really took the time to get to know our dog and our lifestyle to make sure all the techniques and strategies she shared would work for us. We’ve already seen huge improvements and feel confident that Jura will be the perfect puppy in no time! Alex provided a really tailored programme and was always on hand with extra tips between face to face sessions.”


Joss and bridget, the mini dachshund

“Alex was so wonderfully caring to Bridget from the first day and treated Bridget like an individual, whilst also being aware of her breed traits. Bridget isn't a usual Dachshund, she's quiet and incredibly intelligent and Alex used this to her strengths - with Bridget breezing through day to day commands, and spending longer on things that she needed to work on such as her confidence with other dogs and in the park. Bridget is transformed now and building her confidence even further daily. I can't thank Alex enough and i know she is there for any future needs - it's a genuine, organic and long lasting relationship between Alex and the dogs she takes on.”


Aida and Marty, the Bichon Frise

“Alex is an amazing trainer! She is very professional and has a relaxed and friendly manner. As new dog owners, Alex guided us through every step of the way with our new puppy ‘Marty’, from the very first day we brought him home.
Alex’s passion and dedication to animals shines through her work. Marty enjoyed the sessions as much as we did and he was very cooperative and responsive.
Her guidance, knowledge and expertise is second to none and her support was invaluable. I am very pleased to say that I have a very contented, confident, obedient and happy little puppy all thanks to Alex.”
I would highly recommend Alex.


Maura, Ronan and Ruá, the mini Labradoodle

"Alex did an amazing job helping us train our miniature labradoodle, Ruá. We found her very knowledgeable in all aspects of doggie care, from diet to behaviour and toilet training. Following Alex’s training and guidance we have found a massive difference in Ruá’s behaviour and our life with Ruá, especially in terms of house training, walking on the lead, avoiding distractions and recall. I couldn’t recommend Alex more, she is very professional and friendly, and Ruá loved her."


kate and peanut, the german wirehaired pointer

"Alex is literally a dog whisperer. She cares very much about the dog, their environment and how it can work best for the dog and the family/owner. My very energetic large puppy is happier and much better behaved and now loves to train. The only thing I would wish is that we could keep seeing Alex. My whole family and dog adored her and looked forward to her visits."


sanjay, alessandra and winnie, the eurasier

"Alex was a fantastic trainer and specialist. We weren’t sure what to expect at first but after our first meeting we knew how good she was and how great she got on with our puppy - especially as our dog is quite reserved with anyone outside of the family!

Alex is methodical, honest and makes sure she provides clear guidance. Her detailed reports at the end of each session were very helpful and have formed the basis of our training going forward.
Alex not only improved our puppy’s leash training but also other important aspects, essential for dog owners to have in their arsenal (leave it, recall, etc).

Most importantly, Alex not only helped our dog improve on her own abilities but gave us the confidence to carry on the training. She taught us crucially that it isn’t simply our dog that needed training but us as dog owners as well!
We feel highly motivated after our sessions with Alex and can’t recommend her enough. What a pleasure to work with!"


christine and plato, the bichon frise

"I was very impressed with Alex's expertise, experience and professional approach.  She worked with me from before our puppy even came home and prepped me very well with what to expect and get things off to the very best start.  She even provided me with a shopping list of recommend items.  Alex is very knowledgeable and equipped me with not only the skills to train my pup, but also with insight into a dog's perspective.  It has been very helpful and her clicker method has been a huge success.  She is passionate about dogs and an absolute natural at dog handling.  All training sessions we're backed up with extensive follow up emails and training videos.  I have no hesitation in recommending her wonderful programme and training methods."


Nancy and Coco, the labrador:

"I learnt so much from Alex. She is an exceptional trainer. She showed me how to use the clicker effectively which has been instrumental in turning our crazy pup into a well mannered doggy citizen! It is because of her our puppy waits on her mat while we answer the front door. She really understands dogs - Coco loved her and loved her chicken treats! She also gave me so much follow up advice on the phone - she really is the go to person for all doggy matters! I will always recommend her."


Sheilina and Leo, the Maltipoo

"I would highly recommend Alex. My little Leo loved her sessions! I was excited but also very nervous about bringing home my first puppy. I booked her puppy training pack and it was the best thing I could have done. Alex is a brilliant trainer. Her knowledge and advice has been invaluable. She taught me all the basics I needed to know and gave me so much confidence. Leo is now 6 months old and behaves wonderfully!" 


Julie and dilly, the cockapoo:

"I can't recommend Alex highly enough.  She is absolutely delightful as well as being a superb trainer.  Dilly loved the training sessions which Alex made a lot of fun. Both Dilly and I learnt a huge amount and Dilly now responds and behaves wonderfully well. Alex is brilliant."


renuka and alfie, the gsp

"Alex has been brilliant with our new puppy, a German Short-haired Pointer, called Alfie. As a family, we all loved the sessions and learnt so much. She is always so helpful and gives brilliant practical advice. I highly recommend her."


SHARon and buddy, the cavachon

"Alexandra’s amazing knowledge, abilities and talents with our puppy Buddy have been invaluable to us as a family.
Her methods of positive reinforcement have ensured that the bonding with our gorgeous puppy was quick and enjoyable.
We have a well behaved dog who understands his boundaries and therefore feels safe in the knowledge that we adore him! Thanks Alexandra!"


kalpna and loki, the husky

"Alex is a great trainer. Being a first time dog owner, I was not at all confident Alex was very patient with me and our puppy. Thanks to her our puppy is very calm and listens to all his commands learnt during training and is becoming very well mannered. Makes me feel proud when people see him in the park and say what a well behaved puppy he is and this is all due to Alex. Thank you."


Karine, Margot, Thibaut, Camille, Raphael and Bodji, the Golden Retriever

“Bodji is my first dog and needless to say I was a bit - totally in fact ;) - lost at the beginning. Alex showed great understanding of the situation and with an amazing professionalism gave me all the clues I needed to start with Bodji. She is incredibly organised and you can see she does her job with passion, patience and enthusiasm. Thank you Alex and for sure we will be in touch very soon!! Love from all of us.”


Emma and barry, the boston terrier

"Our little Boston Terrier Barry is so well trained and a dream dog because of everything we learnt with Alex. It's clear she has a special connection with all dogs and understands specific breeds needs and traits. I'm so pleased we chose Alex over other trainers as her calm nature really has an influence over you and your dog. I couldn't recommend Wolfgang training enough! Thank you Alex."




Paulus and maximus, the border collie & labrador mix:

"Alex is THE dog trainer that you want and need, whatever your canine requirements are! She brings exemplary passion, knowledge and professionalism to every training session. My little puppy, Maximus, responded well and immediately to her approach. Alex doesn't just provide effective training, but she explains in great detail the thinking behind her approach. The results speak for themselves. Alex is very knowledgeable, always willing to help and ensures she is constantly up-to-date on the latest training methodologies and even nutritional information. She really goes above and beyond, offering advice between training sessions if required and regularly checks in. Also very helpful, her professional summary notes and tips following each session. Alex can share a host of useful links, both for training purposes but also all dog-related products (e.g food, harnesses, playpens). If I was a dog, I would most certainly want Alex as my trainer. You can't go wrong with Wolfgang's Way!"


Cosima and Gelmer, the Stabyhoun:

“Alexandra really knows her stuff. Her attention to detail and ability to remember individual aspects of our dog’s needs were impressive and the results speak for themselves. She is very reliable, well organised and packs lots of useful information into the sessions as well as putting us to work straight away, so I felt that we certainly got our money’s worth. Each session was followed by an extensive email report with notes on the exercises she had covered with us. We would highly recommend her.”



Christina and Aramis, the Greek rescue 

“Alex is a fantastic dog trainer and all round lovely person. It's obvious that she adores dogs and really understands them. Her methods are exceptionally effective but gentle. We just adopted our first dog, a slightly boisterous but very sweet mixed breed from Greece and within a few weeks he has learnt so much. His recall has massively improved and he's becoming much more polite in his play with other dogs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex......in fact, I already have!”



David and Billy, the Kooikerhondje

"Alex is brilliant with dogs. And their owners. Her combination of enthusiasm, professionalism, patience, humour and firmness worked as well with us as it did with Billy. I doubt you could find a better dog trainer. And I’m sure they wouldn’t be half as much fun."







Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 14.52.27.png

Beatrice and Sky, the staffordshire bull terrier:

"Alex was fantastic in helping me to house train my staffy pup. She was a pleasure to work with and my staffy pup had so much fun and lots of chicken treats! Alex is highly knowledgeable in this field and was very professional throughout our training as well as being affectionate towards my pup. She knows exactly what she is doing and I would recommend her for anyone looking for a dog trainer."





Morgan and Humphrey, the Cockapoo:

"Alex is such a pleasure to work with! She played an integral role in getting our puppy, Humphrey, set up for success in both his behaviour as well as his training. Her method of training was kind and gentle and really got our puppy excited to learn both during, as well as after every single session we had. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for training that focuses on positive reinforcement!"


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.27.25.png

Shu and Pickle, the labrador:

”Alex came recommended to us and was a great choice! She is experienced, very thoughtful and a good listener. We had Alex when our black labrador was about 14 weeks old. He was quite boisterous and we were worried that he might develop bad behaviours. Alex was very calm and told us that was just a characteristic of a puppy and taught us how to manage and introduce him to the world properly. Pickle is now a well-behaved sweet little thing… the recall training was very effective and essential, given that Pickle had a previous accident where he ran out of the woods and crossed a big road!

Since we adopted the correct ways of communicating With Pickle and encouraging positive behaviours, everything became so easy. We also found Alex very attentive; despite only having her for three sessions, she was always available when we had a question. Pickle is progressing really well and he is well behaved now. I would highly recommend Alex. Finally, Pickle loves Alex, because she always brings nice fresh chicken for training!”


Karima and june, the chihuahua:

"I can’t recommend WW Dog Training and Alex highly enough! I have reached out to them following my first week with my new puppy with the objective of learning more about positive reinforcement behaviour and how to train my pup. Following an initial chat over the phone with Alex I was already highly impressed by her passion and professionality hence decided to go for the five puppy sessions. I have now finished the training, which was overall a very pleasant experience, feeling not only more knowledgeable, but also learned how to easily click train my puppy and feel more confident when with her or away from her. Already looking forward to my future training sessions with  Alex and WW Dog Training!"


Mrs C and Poppy, the labradoodle:

"Just to say these sessions have been great at showing us what to do and how to do it, and importantly in building our confidence with Poppy.  From thinking I could never manage when we started, you’ve helped me come a long way."







Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 15.05.47.png

Helen and sparky, the collie mix:

"I can not recommend Alex highly enough for dog training. Our new dog, as a rescue, came with a number of issues which we have needed to work through sensitively and slowly. Alex was attentive to all the information we were able to provide about our dog which made us feel confident in both her passion for training and her knowledge. She is hugely supportive, kind and encouraging both during training and after. At no point did she make us feel failures for not having the perfectly behaved dog but instead was able to offer rational explanations and modify the training so it felt extremely tailored to us and our dog. 

It is obvious that she is passionate about her profession and never complacent that she knows it all. Instead she is constantly researching information and attending courses to improve her knowledge. The amount of information that you receive during a training session is often overwhelming, and difficult to retain but here's but here's the difference, Alex follows up each training session with an email linking you to training videos to remind you of all the information, and literature recommendations. She provides routines for you to work through and then follows up. Her attention to detail is amazing but at no point does she make you feel an idiot for not mastering often complex and subtle modifications in your own behaviour which make all the difference in having a confident, happy dog who is well-behaved and your very best friend." 

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.28.30.png

Jill and Purdie, the border collie:

“I would like to put on record what a lot of confidence and practical help I have had from Alex. Six months ago, I adopted a middle-aged border collie from Ireland. He had been picked up from the streets by a rescue centre and brought to the UK. He was so terrified of people that the only way to approach him was on hands and knees! With Alex’s firm and sensible advice, we slowly became more confident with each other and by using the clicker training method, he now trusts and respects me. His big obsession is tennis/ balls but Alex’s method of counter conditioning has worked so we are now working on his football obsession!” 


irfan, erdem and lokum, the bichone frise:

"A great dog trainer, very knowledgeable about dogs and the best we have come across by far. Alex is very friendly, caring and you can tell she loves to train dogs. She took very good care of my little dog Lokum and Lokum loves her to bits. Trustworthy and very reliable, can't ask for more. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an effective trainer for their dog" 





Marie and Max, the mini dachshund:

"Alex came as a recommendation to us and was amazing! Not only is she highly knowledgeable about dogs, but the care and love she had for our fur baby shined through. Our mini dachshund puppy, Max, adored her and responded quickly to her training. What I especially loved is that she sends a follow up email with full notes after each session and homework + follows up after to see how we are getting on so you really do make amazing progress. Alex truly cares about your training and dog journey with tips for busting boredom, ideas for keeping puppy happy based on his breed, etc. As a first time dog owner, this was the best money we spent and was incredibly helpful. I can't recommend lovely Alex enough!!"

Jo and Monty, the cockapoo: 

“Alex has been helping me with some additional training for my adolescent dog, Monty. Her sessions have been informative and fun for both Monty and me.  After just a couple of sessions and some practice at home we have already made great progress.  I have been very impressed with Alex’s training techniques and teaching style.  She is a lovely person to be taught by and Monty adores her.”

Gavin and Minnie, the yorkshire terrier: 

“Excellent and very personable dog training – having recently adopted my first dog I was in need of some training both for ourselves and our little Yorkshire Terrier. I enrolled in a short course of one to one training lessons with Alex. We were in contact with Alex before we began the classes and she gave us advice regarding getting settled in the first few days, which we found helpful. Since we’ve had our training we’ve found it very helpful and have learned a lot. Alex is always there to help by email or phone and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for an experienced dog trainer.”