behavioural issues

Whether you've had your dog from a puppy or your beloved friend has come from a an animal rescue centre, behavioural issues can creep up quickly, often ignored for a while until they become too apparent. If your dog has started to display challenging behaviours that you'd like to change, I will work with you and your canine companion to discover the reasons behind these behaviours and from there, create a bespoke behaviour modification programme to turn the unwanted into the desired. 

We will look at all aspects of your dog's life, including diet and daily routine in an initial assessment session, which generally take place at the client's home. Depending on the behavioural problem, some consultations may have to take place away from your home, this is something we will determine in a telephone conversation prior to my first visit. Each session is followed up with a detailed report and training programme.

I cover behavioural issues including: on lead reactivity / toilet training issues / excessive jumping up / excessive barking / excessive chewing & biting / resource guarding (food, toys, sofa/ bed, etc.) / separation related issues / dog to dog reactivity

Behaviour consultations: from £100 for an initial 60 minutes assessment consultation - generally a minimum of three sessions are required, depending on the severity of the problem behaviour (discounts apply to package bookings).

I am blown away by Korra’s improvements under Alexandra’s supervision. We have had some behavioural issues for years and in only a few months, my dog has massively improved and I credit Alexandra’s skills, attention to detail and love for dogs. She really knows what she is talking about, she understands each breed and respects dogs as individuals.
— Morgan & Korra